Prince of The Sea, is the line of products born from the research of those who experience the sea in its most beautiful and profound form, made of selected materials intended to last over time as the passion of our customers. We offer high quality clothing and accessories that are unique in their form.

Prince of The Sea is the brand that tells a story to share, that of an indomitable creature, he Marlin, which represents the strength and beauty of the sea, source of life, as well as an asset to protect and respect, guarantee for the future of humanity.

Prince of the Sea offers high quality clothing and accessories. For the realization of most of the products, uses the work of specialized Italian artisans. The production takes place only on order. Precisely for this characteristic of the production chain, we need different times compared to large retailers. The time devoted to attention to detail is what makes the difference.

The production of our products, combined with the choice of quality materials involves an estimate of the processing and shipping times that can fluctuate between 15 e 20 working days.

Prince of the Sea offers high quality clothing and accessories. A line dedicated to those who have a passion for boating and also for the search for a unique style, irreplaceable. Prince of the Sea Italian brand yachting style.

- PRINCE OF THE SEA - Italian brand